Our Approach

The Sun-raiser™ solutions team combines out-of-the-box thinking with innovative renewable technology and gift giving. The result is a gift that has purpose, visibility and dramatically impacts your organization's facilities and grounds for years to come. We create meaningful connections between benefactors and their gifts of remembrance, resulting in a memorial that truly benefits the whole community. 

Our Client Strategy

We bridge connections between giving and renewable energy solutions to achieve your goals for safer and securer surroundings.

Beyond The Box

Offer your audience the chance to give a gift that will give as long as the sun shines.  A gesture that literally improves the environment for the masses.

Forward Thinking

We represent the most innovative solar companies in the world that offer unprecedented solutions in the way of lighting and signaling.

Solutions That Impact

We at Sun-Raiser™ provide compact solar outdoor lighting solutions that remove costs associated with traditional electrical systems. Our solutions   improve quality of life, safety and all around comfort with minimal costs and disruption to your community.


Innovative strategies for Solar Lighting upgrades in your Organization

lighting the way for your organization